Revo Stage 1 Fiesta ST MK8

Revo Stage 1 Fiesta ST MK8

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Revo Stage 1 Fiesta ST MK8 



Revo offer some of the most substantial performance increases on the market. How this power is delivered however is far more important to us, which is why peak figures form part of a much bigger picture and are never the sole focus during the development process. it’s all about the drive, and only Revo offers a perfected balance of power, economy and an exciting drive.

The Revo tuning philosophy ensures that impressive performance benefits are balanced with useable, reliable power delivery that enhances the way your vehicle drives. Development on the road and race track, as well as testing in controlled dyno conditions gives you a clearer picture of the performance you can expect from Revo ECU Software. Testing in this way plays an important role in ensuring the highest quality products and delivering the driving experience you demand.

1.5 EcoBoost ENGINE

The new 3 cylinder turbocharged 1.5 EcoBoost engine in the Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 is smaller than the Mk7 but packs even more of a punch. The ST’s impressive low-down grunt and more responsive turbo offers great performance and a lot of potential for those driven to experience its true potential. Enhancing the vehicle with Revo ECU Software gives you much more than an increased power and torque. We’ve specifically calibrated the Software to enhance responsiveness by making substantial improvements throughout the whole rev range.

Only Revo performance ECU Software maintains factory safety levels and additional driving features, so you can enjoy each mode’s unique characteristics as usual. You can also choose between two pre-set fuel quality modes depending on which fuel you use. If you would like the ability to do this yourself then the Revo SPS Software Switch is also available separately, which can be used to quickly switch fuel modes and access an additional Anti-Theft mode without the need to visit a Revo Authorised Dealer.

Software Features
SERIAL PORT SWITCH (SPS) Switchable software for 3 performance modes and Antitheft
EXHAUST OVERRUN Enhanced exhaust note on overrun in Sports Mode.

Only Revo operates a Global Development Programme through their network of over 400 Revo Authorised Dealers worldwide. Access to vehicles on this scale enables the calibration team to fine-tune products before release, testing products in a wide range of climates and conditions including altitude, fuel quality, humidity. This also allows Revo to test how Revo products perform in different driving scenarios and formed a vital part in the development of Performance ECU Software.

Power Graphs


Performance testing was carried out on a private track in the UK with an ambient temperature of 14ºC. 2018 Ford FIesta ST Mk8. Standard wheels with road tyres and 99RON Shell vPower. The average performance times are taken from 3 consecutive runs.

100-200 kph Stock (Claimed) 23.7 s Stock (Tested) 19.18 s Revo Stage 1 15.35 s

The ST already comes with exhaust overrun through its Active Value Exhaust. This has been enhanced by Revo offering a slight variation in acoustics both in sports and track modes.


Using the Revo SPS Software Switch you can take advantage of the multiple options in your ECU Software. The patented OBD2 interface is the ultimate compliment to Revo performance software, giving you the ability to switch between 3 fuel quality modes and an Anti-Theft mode.

  • SPS Position 1 – Anti-Theft
  • SPS Position 2 – 95ron fuel
  • SPS Position 3 – 97ron fuel
  • SPS Position 4 – 98+ron or 100+ron fuel (dependent on file flashed)

Simply select a program, plug in, wait a few seconds, remove the SPS device and start the car. It's simple and there's no fixed switch to install in the vehicle.


Revo Software is installed with a built in Antitheft Mode, which is accessible with the Revo SPS Software Switch. This mode disables throttle response and limits RPM, adding an extra level of security to your pride and joy.

The Revo Difference
OBD Port Install Revo Software can be installed quickly and safely via the OBD Port without the need to open the ECU.
Money Back Guarantee We know you'll love how Revo Software transforms your car. If you don't, we'll give you your money back.
Fuel Economy Dependant on your driving style, this software will deliver like for like fuel economy in 'normal' driving conditions.

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