Blitz SBC -ID III Spec R Boost Controller

Blitz SBC -ID III Spec R Boost Controller

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Blitz SBC -ID III Spec R Boost Controller 

The SBC -ID III Spec R. uses a twin solenoid set up for better response and holding high boost pressures. Maximum controllable boost is 2.5 bar (36.75 psi). 

It also features four programmable channels for setting up boost pressure, and is suitable for both actuator and remote waste gate driven turbos. 

It has an impressive list of functions that include a boost warning and limiter, scramble, speed map (only used with the Blitz Power Meter iD), record and replay mode, automatic peak boost hold, data display (with optional harness), graphical boost and speed chart, and fully adjustable contrast. 
There is also an additional ‘gain’ setting that allows you to programme the response time of the turbos. The SBC-iD head unit is 1/2 din size. 

When the Power Meter iD is linked to the SBC-iD via the infra-red portal on both units, it allows the speed map function to be used; this enables six different boost settings to be used across the speed range of the vehicle. 

If you purchase the optional harness (part number 15053) you’ll be able to read any of the ECU parameters that output between 0-16V through the SBC-iD display. This means you’ll be able to view such information as injector pulse width, inlet air temperature, airflow, throttle and many other data readings making it easy to keep a close check over how your engine is performing. 

The SBC -ID III is supplied with simple wiring and English instructions.

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