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Get Race-Proven Performance! We engineer DevilsOwn Injection solenoids to offer maximum performance and reliability. These solenoids have hundreds of racing applications—they have been used in world-record-setting track cars, but they’re also used by daily drivers. Many other solenoids either have a small orifice to gain a high pressure ratting or low 150 PSI rating to get the same size orifice.

Heavy Duty Quality. This unit is made from durable steel uses heavy 14 gauge to help withstand a healthy beating. The internal coil is encapsulated in epoxy for moisture protection and a rubber o-ring helps shield the unit from debris.

Application. Don't compromise, expect the best. These prevent siphoning under vacuum, or if your tank is mounted higher than the nozzle. DevilsOwn Solenoid provides a positive stop for your water injection kit, simply connect the solenoid to the pumps power and earth. This solenoid is designed to be used with methanol in a water-methanol injection system. These can flow 28gph of nozzle.


Design Specs


           •          300psi Pressure Rating

•          .125 Orifice

•          Stainless steel body

•          1/8 NPT inlet & outlet

•          57w / 4.75 amp draw (AEM, Coolingmist, snow controllers will need to run through a relay)

•          #8-32 UNC mounting holes

•          20 Hertz

•          15-20 seconds of continuous use only.

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