K1 Conrod Set of 5 Ford RS Focus MK2

K1 Conrod Set of 5 Ford RS Focus MK2

Product Code: K1-344DW21143
Price: £674.00 Ex Tax: £561.67

The K1 Technology Conrod set for the Ford FocusRS MK2 and Volvo B5254T4 engine are the RACEREADY connecting rods, at a very affordable price. Used by many Ford Focus RS MK2 owners worldwide, these rods have proven to do their job more than once! Building your engine with lots of safety margin will give your trackday a safer feeling. No need to worry when driving over 400hp on the Nurburgring, your engine will remain safe for the whole season. It won't be these rods that give up!

These rods come with ARP2000 material rodbolts as standard. Combine these rods with Wiseco pistons (see below) and ARP head studs + ARP Main studs, a set of Glyco bearings and you're almost good to go!

Connecting Rod Specifications:

Type: I-Beam
Length: 143.0mm
Housing Bore: 53.006
Pin Diameter: 23mm
BE Width: 25.650
PE Width: 21.950
Bolt Size: 3/8